Paths & Trails

Mossy jeep roads

Between 1973 and 1988 a copper mine was operated at the top of Stekenjokk. During the mining years, a number of jeep and exploration routes were created, which today are perfect routes for cycling.

The roads today are moss and heather-covered paths that are very nice as MTB tracks.

Follow as far as possible the joints to reduce the wear on the fragile mountain terrain.

Tjåkkele Trail


Vilhelmina municipality’s trailmap indicates classic sections of old jeep and exploration routes. The trails are not yet marked with junctions due to the view that the joints are visible.

1. Vildmarksvägen – Tjåkkele – Remdalen 20 km

Difficulty: Easy / Medium

The tour starts with easy cycling for about 7 km along a jeep road. Then follow the Norgefararleden trail past Tjåkkelestugorna and further north towards Remdalen. After a couple of kilometers of somewhat uneven path, fantastic cycling awaits along Remdalen’s elongated gravel sands. Shortly before the national border the path becomes worse again and here it is advisable to turn around. Follow the same path back.

2. Vildmarksvägen – Tjåkkele – Klimpfjäll 26 km

Difficulty: Medium / Severe

The same start as for tour proposal 1, but at the junction about 1 km before the Tjåkkel cabins you follow the Norgefararleden trail southwards instead. Here really good cycling is waiting down to the Durrenskalet. Through the Durren shell, the terrain is rockier and you may need to lead the bike shorter distances. The last kilometers down to Klimpfjäll offer fine cycling through beautiful and sparse mountain birch forest.

3. Vielmesmakke – Slipsikstugan 8 km

Difficulty: Medium

The tour starts at the bridge over Saxån and from Vielmesmakke patch camp you follow the signage towards Slipsikstugan. Down in the mountain birch forest there are some wet parts but up the calf mountain the path is really nice. A little before the cottage it is rocky and the bike must be led. Funny downhill biking is waiting for the return road.

4. Roast jock – Vielmesmakke 18 km

Difficulty: Easy / Medium

The tour starts up on the Stekenjokks plateau and goes along a jeep road that was built in connection with exploring ore in the area. The first kilometers offer a lot of climb (approx. 250 m), but after passing the mountain Tjaallinge a long downhill run down to Vielmesmakke. It is mostly light cycled except for the places where the road erodes.

5. Stihke 2.5 km

Difficulty: Medium

Easy and short top trip where you follow a quad bike path up to the top of Stihke. There is also a path up the west side of the mountain that connects to the quad bike road just below the peak.

6. Sligdammen – Sipmehke 15 km

Difficulty: Medium / Severe

Follow the road past the Sligdammen and then continue west along a somewhat uneven jeep road. After about 8 km, just north of the peak Raavrejabpe, the jeep road ceases. Continue for about 1 km in a south-westerly direction until a blighted path appears. Then technical and fun cycling down to Vildmark