The wilderness road gives you access to Stekenjokk More than 50 km long Vildmarksvägen stretches from Vilhemina in Västerbotten to Strömsund in Jämtland and then back to Vilhelmina via Hoting and Dorotea. Throughout its route it is an experience with forested areas, streams, lakes and wild waterfalls. The Stalon route in Västerbotten to Gäddede in Jämtland - 17 km wonderful nature The 17 km long stretch from Stalon to Gäddede is the highest and most mountainous route along the Vildmarksvägen. When you turn off towards Stekenjokk in Stalon, follow the Kultsjöån and Kultsjön valley down to Stekenjokk. You travel all the way for water and there are countless places to explore and enjoy. Klimpfjäll - Stora Blåsjön stretch 6.5 km The route between Klimpfjäll to Stora Blåsjön takes you up the high mountain and Stekenjokk's plains and magnificent scenery. The stretch is Sweden's highest paved road and the highest point is 876 meters in height. Hiking with car and bicycle Getting by car, motorcycle or bicycle to the mountain is fantastic. Without being an experienced mountain enthusiast, you can travel to places that otherwise only experienced mountain hikers can experience. Reindeer calves, mountain foxes and unique bird species Up on the calf mountain, the reindeer feed their calves. Therefore, you who have a dog must be extremely careful to keep your dog leashed. The area has a strong population of mountain foxes that you can see moving gently and keeping your eyes open.