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Unique wilderness Southern Lapland and Northern Jämtland

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Boende längst Vildmarksvägen

Hotel Klimpfjäll

Location Klimpfjäll Tel. 0940 – 711 80

Hotel Klimpfjäll is located in Klimpfjäll just below Stekenjokk. Accommodation in hotel rooms, cottages or villas. Hotel’s has restaurant, Pub, SPA & relax

STF Saxnäsgården

Location: Saxnäs Tel. 0940-377 00

Saxnäsgården in Saxnäs offers accommodation in hotels, hostels and cottages, beautifully located next to Kultsjön between Satsfjället and Marsfjällen.


Location: Klimpfjäll Tel. 0940-710 52

Klimpfjällsgården offers pension accommodation and 2 apartments. Restaurant inspired by Italy.

Klimpfjälls Hus & Apartments

Location: Klimpfjäll Tel. 0940-710 68

Klimpfjälls Hus & Apartments rent 2 houses and an apartment in the middle of Klimpfjäll. Booked through Booking.com

Marsfjäll Mountain Lodge
Location: Saxnäs. Tel. 0940-700 03

The lodge offers hotel rooms, cottages, camping and villas. Spa with sauna and hot tub. Pub and restaurant open all year round.
Location: Saxnäs. Tel. 0940-700 44

Kultsjögården is located in the middle of Saxnäs and offers and provides accommodation in hostels, apartments and cottages.
Camp Stora Blåsjön
Location: Stora Blåsjön Tel. 0672-211 11

If you want to stay close to the center and have the best view, Camp Stora Blåsjön is the right place to choose. We have 5 different accommodation options and a total of 20 beds. In addition to this we also offer motorhome / caravan pitches.
Lia Ranch Wilderness Camp
Location: Ankarvattnet Tnf. 070-621 59 28

A beautifully located wilderness camp with pitches, service houses and cottages along Vildmarksvägen in northern Jämtland.
The Eye of the Raven
Location: Jorm Tnf. 0672-201 71

Viking inspired accommodation in the village of Jorm, located in Frostviken between Gäddede and Stora Blåsjön, with a fantastic view of the Jorm water. Here you can go hiking or mountain hiking with a horse.
Jormvattnets Fiskecamp
Location: Jormvattnet Tfn. 0672-201 00

Nice cabins, lake sauna and camping. Shop and pub with lunch service.
Gäddede Camping
Gäddede Camping is located at the far end of the village and offers campsites, cottages, pool, restaurant and mini golf.
rim Hotel Gäddede
Location: Gäddede Tnf. 0672 - 10420

Located next to the lake in the village of Gäddede, the Pilgrim Hotel offers hotel rooms and cottages.

Fuel & Grocery

Stalon Petrol & Kiosk
Location: Stalon
Fuel, Kiosk, Souvenirs


Marsfjälls Handlarn
Location: Saxnäs
Fuel, Food, Agents Pharmacy, Systembolag, Svenska Spel


Klimpfjälls Handlarn
Location: Klimpfjäll
Fuel, Food, Agents Pharmacy, Systembolag, Svenska Spel


ICA Blåsjön
Location: Stora Blåsjön
Fuel, Food, Agents Pharmacy, Systembolag, Svenska Spel

Grocery & Fuel

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